How you can help

“Unless a wheat grain falls on the ground and dies,
it remains only a single grain.”–Jn 12:20-36

Time, Talent, Treasure

At St. Francis Center for Renewal, we are blessed by the generosity of many. If you have time to share through volunteering, we welcome you. If you have an area of expertise you are willing to offer, we welcome you. If you would like to join in our ministry through financial support know that your thoughtfulness will be felt by many.

“Again I must tell you how very, very much it means to me to be present in your ‘home.’ Your hospitality is unequaled, the serenity you create… life-restoring. I travel home with God’s peace and you in my heart.” Carol

Peace and all Good! We Would Love to Have You Visit Soon!


M-F: 9am - 4pm