Days of Reflection

8:45 am-3:00 pm

Offering: $45.00

Deposit: $20.00

Includes Lunch

I’m Spiritual, Not Religious

Young Adult Retreat        8:45am-3:00pm
​Offering: $35 Deposit: $15        Includes Lunch


September 15, 2018
Nina Corona

Nina Marie Corona, MA, CRS is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Fordham University. With a Master of Arts in Spirituality from Loyola University, she also studied graduate theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and LaSalle University. Nina is an adjunct instructor at Villanova University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies. You may learn more by visiting her website:

This young adult retreat (ages 21-35) will explore authentic Christian spirituality in a secular age. What does it mean to be spiritual but not religious?  How can young adults feel at home and inspired in an age-old religion with its ancient traditions?  These questions and more will be explored in an environment that will encourage openness, speculation, and even doubt.  Feel free to raise questions, but be ready to explore questions deep within yourself as well. The day will be filled with lectures, meditations, activities, music (maybe even live music!), and more!

Day of Serenity from Addiction

(for Men)

October 27, 2018

Father Patrick Lamb, M.Div.

Pastor of Queenship of Mary Parish, Northampton, Father Lamb is a frequent speaker at St. Francis Center, where he is known for his down-to- earth and practical spirituality. 

This day will focus on finding peace and acceptance in dealing with one’s own addiction or the addiction of someone you love. Special prayer will be offered for loved ones who have died at the hands of addiction. Strength and comfort will be offered for those in addiction and for their loved ones struggling to cope. Emphasis will be on breaking the shame that binds us all. Jesus said, “Those who are well do not need a doctor, sick people do.” Jesus wants to comfort the sick and tired, affected by addiction.

Lessons from the Nursery:

What our toys can teach us!

April 6, 2019
Fr. Bernard Ezaki, MDiv

Ordained in 1988, Fr. Ezaki taught at Bethlehem Catholic High School for twenty-four years.
He is currently Assistant Pastor at St. Jane De Chantal parish in Easton.

Return to the world of childhood to learn spiritual truths about divine patience and humility, reality, the place of possessions, God’s generosity and forgiveness, and Christ’s atonement.  Come as a child of tender age.  Leave as a most enlightened sage.​

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