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How can 12 Step Spirituality

help people who are NOT Addicts?



October 5, 2019
Fr. Patrick Lamb

Facilitator: Father Patrick Lamb, M.Div. Pastor of Queenship of Mary Parish, Northampton, Father Lamb is a frequent speaker at St. Francis Center, where he is known for his down-to-earth and practical spirituality.


Father Lamb will explore the wisdom of the 12 steps and how they can be a spiritual guide for anyone striving to live a spiritual life. Spirituality basic to all major world religions is contained in the 12 steps. Powerlessness, surrender, examination of conscience, admission of faults, forgiveness and daily prayer are all part of both the 12 steps and most world religions. The 12 steps are so practical, real and down to earth, that they work to enhance anyone’s spiritual life, addict or not. This retreat will be very practical.


Drumming & Transformation

February 15, 2020

Catherine Campanaro


Facilitator: Catherine Campanaro is a graduate of Moravian College, De Sales University and Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development.  She is on the planning committee for Spiritual Directors of the Greater Lehigh Valley.  She practices Spiritual Direction; working out of her home.  Her practice focuses on Dream Work and 12 Step Spirituality.  Catherine has a deep enthusiasm for creating Sacred Space, Drumming, Dancing, the 12 Steps, Dream Work and Contemplation.  She is a student of Moe Jerant and received her drum circle facilitation training from Jim Donovan.

Recovery is a sacred art.  Explore the rhythm of recovery in your body, mind and heart as we take a day away to journey through the 12 steps together.

“The will of God is not a ‘fate’ to which we must submit, but a creative act in our life that produces something absolutely new, something hitherto unforeseen by the laws and established patterns. Our cooperation consists not solely in conforming to external laws, but in opening our wills to this mutually creative act.” – Richard Rohr

Jesus says, “the kingdom of God is within you!” (Luke 17:21) and “If you bring forth that which is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring it forth, it will destroy you.” (The Gospel of Thomas) – Richard Rohr

“Addiction is part of the human condition. We’re all addicted to something: it’s just a question of owning up to your own particular poison.”  Michael Moran

“There are so many ways to open ourselves to communion and presence, from sitting in silence to drumming, dancing, singing, and being in nature. Sometimes it might sound silly, but don’t discount the power and depth of a simple, even childlike experience.” – Richard Rohr

Drumming is an embodiment of prayer inviting us to listen deeply to the heartbeat of God.  Joyful and uplifting, we discover our own rhythms and connect to the rhythms of others.  Join us for an experience of group drumming where we will learn the basics of how to play the drum and how to create wonderful music together. No experience is necessary. Drums & percussion will be provided, or bring your own.


Masterpiece in the Making!

May 16, 2020
Nina Marie Corona

Facilitator: Nina Marie Corona, MA, CRS is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Fordham University. She possesses a Master of Arts in Spirituality from Loyola University, and she also studied graduate theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and LaSalle University. Nina is also an adjunct instructor at Villanova University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies. You may learn more about Nina by visiting her website:

Like fine art elegantly displayed in a museum, the holy lives of saints often appear pristine. A little research into each magnificent result is likely to expose a much less appealing image. In fact, the lives of the great artists and holy saints prove that the process of creating fine art or living a holy life can be filled with frustration, chaos, confusion, mistakes and corrections. Join us as we learn to accept the disorder and imperfections of our lives and recognize the beautiful end result we desire is perhaps being created right here and now. It’s just not quite ready for the museum!

Due to Covid 19, the format of this retreat has been changed and will be offered as an online retreat. For more information or to register, please see our What’s New Page



Living with Loss:

           Caring for yourself

May 19, 2020

Facilitator: Jason Boyko, LPC

Loss comes in many forms: loss of a loved one, loss of good health, loss of vitality, loss of income, loss of status, loss of dignity, loss of youth. Loss is a normal part of life on this earth. Understanding the process of loss and its resulting grief is only the first step in trying to heal. Spend the day centering on best practices for taking care of yourself through the journey. As requested by our retreatants, we are happy to offer you a day to take time for yourself to discover the Center’s “Oasis of Peace and Healing.”

Due to Covid 19, the format of this retreat has been changed and will be offered as an online retreat. For more information or to register, please see our What’s New Page




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